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RESCUE on IEEE SST2020 special session

RESCUE project was presented at IEEE Smart Systems and Technologies 2020 (SST2020) conference special session on Oct 14, 2020 with 4 scientific papers from all project partners.
RESCUE project was presented at IEEE SST2020 confernce special session on Oct 14, 2020 with 4 scientific papers from all project partners.

Session chairs: Prof Damir Šljivac, PhD; Prof Marinko Stojkov; Prof Boris Dumnić, PhD (on-line)

Special session started with short overview of RESCUE project presented by host-chair prof Damir Šljivac, PhD.

Special session continued with joint paper of all RESCUE partners presented by Prof Bane Popadić, PhD from FTN Novi Sad (on-line due to current COVID19 restrictions). This joint paper was based on presentation of comprehensive studies on energy demand and energy efficiency for seven project partners public buildings in Croatia and in Serbia. Available renewable energy sources that could be used for energy generation in the near vicinity of the public building are assesed and proposed optimal configuration of the renewable energy and the smart building energy management systems (BEMS) presented in general. Smart BEMS would significantly increase the public building efficiency while reducing the energy demand, bringing the public building one step closer to near zero-energy building. 

Special session continued with papers presenting current research from FERIT presented by Matej Žnidarec, MSc, UNISB presented by Prof Marinko Stojkov, PhD and FTN presented by Barbara Vujkov, MSc (on-line).

Papers from special session:

Boris Dumnić, Bane Popadić, Dragan Milićević, Damir Šljivac, Matej Žnidarec, Marinko Stojkov, Antun Barac, Edita Stokić, Budislav Petrović, Zorislav Guttler and Dejan Ferić
Renewable Energy Sources for smart sustainable health Centers, University Education and other public buildings

Matej Žnidarec, Damir Šljivac, Dario Došen and Branka Nakomčić-Smaragdakis
Performance Evaluation of Simple PV Microgrid Energy Management System

Marinko Stojkov, Krešimir Crnogorac, Damir Šljivac, Ante Čikić, Ivan Samardžić, Antun Stoić, Mladen Hercog, Bernarda Crnogorac, Tomislav Alinjak and Mladen Bošnjaković
Reducing Energy Consumption and Optimisation of Indoor Living Parameters

Barbara Vujkov, Boris Dumnić, Bane Popadić, Tatjana Grbić and Dragan Milićević
Optimal Energy Management in Public Buildings Using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming


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