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RESCUE: 140 kW PV and battery storage systems on FERIT smart buildings - installation in progress

RESCUE project: Installation of FERIT 1 RESe PV system 80 kW + 20 kW of battery storage + FERIT 2 40 kW PV system on University Campus building started on March 15th, 2021
Within the Interreg IPA Croatia Serbia RESCUE project: Renewable Energy Sources for Smart sustainable Health Centers and University  Education and other public buildings project, after detailed preparation of main design projects and public tendering, installation works on FERIT 1 RESe 80 kW PV system with 20 kW of battery storage systems in smart main building microgrid as well as FERIT 2 40 kW PV system on University Campus building finally started on March 15th, 2021.

On main FERIT building in Kneza Trpimira street 80 kW photovoltaic (PV) system FERIT 1 will merge with existing  10 kW PV system ETFOS 1 for supplying of building electricity consumption  while 20 kW battery  system with 40 kWh capacity will be used for daily elelctricity balance. 

Within this works 2 PV electric bycicles charging stations on both buildings that will be used for zero CO2  communication between two buildings are being installed too. Finally, we will continue soon with RESe 6 kW wind system that will result in overal 146 kW of RESe systems installed within FERIT smart building energy management system (BEMS) equipped also with ICT monitoring including building SCADA system and microgrid (network) analyzers. 


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