Laboratory for Renewable Energy Sources

Development of FERIT Laboratory for Renewable Energy Sources

Residential scale PV research power plant was established in 2014 within IPA CBC Croatia-Hungary REGPHOSYS (Photovoltaic Systems as Actuators of Regional Development) project with overall objectives of development of optimal photovoltaic system configuration for climatic conditions of the cross-border region and investigating the impact of photovoltaic systems on the electrical power system, economics and environment. During the project a common knowledge database about area characteristics significant for application of photovoltaic systems was developed and cross-border innovation network of research teams for development of photovoltaic systems was established. Furthermore, photovoltaic system were optimized for climatic conditions of the project impact area in terms of selecting solar cells technology and inverter topology.

A small-scale off-line PV system toghether with battery storage and off-grid and bidierctional inverters for microgrids as well as the HIL simulator for off-grid and Pv based microgrids have been developed within the Interreg CBC Croatia Hungary  RuRES (Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the function of rural development) project. .

On-line measurement data base and FERIT building 100 kW microgrid

Head: Prof Damir Šljivac, PhD
Kneza Trpimira 2b, 
31000 Osijek, Croatia

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