ProPowerNet HRZZ

Prosumer-rich distribution power network (ProPowerNet)

Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ Hrvatska zaklada za znanost ) national scientific project

Start date: 01.01.2021.

End date: 31.12.2025.

Web page (in Croatian):

Project co-ordinator: Prof Goran Knežević PhD

Project team: Prof Danijel Topić, Prof Krešimir Fekete, Mario Primorac MEng, Matej Žnidarec MEng, Ružica Kljajić MEng, Heidi Adrić MEng, Nemanja Mišljenović MENg

Total budget: 211.429,00 €

 Project summary:

Electricity generation from the most of renewable energy sources (RES) based power plants is generally variable and unpredictable which causes difficulties in the electricity grid planning and operation, while this effect magnifies even more by the massive integration of such power plants. Previous passive consumers by integration of RES based power plants in their ownership are becoming consumers with their own production, or so-called prosumers. The development of a prosumer energy management system is a multidisciplinary process that involves multiple aspects that must be considered.

 The purpose of this project is to establish a research group to study the operation of a prosumer system and distribution network within four aspects of observation: first is maximizing the prosumers profit by participating on the electricity and ancillary services markets, second is the optimization of the distribution network operation with objectives of power losses minimization and maintaining the desired loading and voltage levels in the network, third is to reduce the impact on the power quality and the fourth aspect is to maintain the voltage and frequency stability of the network when large number of prosumers are connected to the distribution network.

 The objectives of the project include developed simulation models for analyzing the interactions of the distribution network and the prosumer system, as well as the developed optimization algorithms for determining the optimum drive of the prosumer devices and distribution network for various aspects of observation. The results of the project will contribute to the possibility of large-scale integration of prosumers in the distribution network while maintaining the frequency and voltage stability of the system and the prescribed level of power quality. In addition, it will enable prosumers to determine the operation plan for their devices in order to optimize their earnings in the electricity and ancillary services markets.

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