Krešimir Fekete

Prof Krešimir Fekete, PhDEE, assistant professor

Chair of Power Systems and Substations

Fields of interest are: power system analysis – power flows, short circuits, harmonic analysis, power system stability analysis,, application of optimization in power systems – optimal power flows, unit commitment, economic dispatch, hydro scheduling, electricity markets, influence of electricity markets on power system operation and control, power system economics and cost/benefit analysis. 

 Researcher in following European and Croatian scientific projects:

TEMPUS EMSA project for  electricity market simulation and analysis, 2008-2009

RuRES - Interreg Cross-border Co-operation Programme Hungary – Croatia project: Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the function of rural development  2017-2018

- Scientific project of Ministry of Science of Republic of Croatia: “Quality and reliability of the working EES Croatia in the regional market of the electric energy”.


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