Damir Šljivac

Prof Damir Šljivac, PhDEE, full professor with tenure

Department of Power Engineering

Head of Laboratory for RES, Head of the Department, Chair of Power Plants and Energy Processes



Research areas: renewable energy sources, sustainable power system development, power system reliability and economics, probabilistic cost-benefit power system assessment

Languages: Croatian, English

Published over 120 scientific articles including over 30 in international sicentific journals.Managed and conducted over 50 expert studies in power systems for utilities and industry, series of  measurements of power system quality and electromagnetic fields,  studies on feed in tarrifs technical and economic aspects of connection and on-grid operation of biogas and photovoltaic power plants. Active part in three scientific projects of Ministry of Science and technology of Repbulic of Croatia regarding power system reliability and electricity market 1997-2012 .

Research projects: 
  • Head of FERIT team in Joint research and educational framwork in RES in pannonian parts of Serbia and Croatia, bilateral Serbian-Croatian project 2011-2012
  • UNIREG IMPULSE Regional Universities as Generators of Development, IPA cross-border Croatia Hungary, 2010-2011 
  • EMSA Electricity Market Simulation and Analysis, TEMPUS project,2008-2010 

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