Denis Pelin

Prof Denis Pelin, PhDEE, full professor

Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Head of Laboratory for Power Electronics, Head of Chair for Eletric Machines nad Power Electronics

Some of his scientific experience is based on: analysis of steady-state responses of DC/DC converters, modeling and simulation of chopper converters ( buck and boost), analysis of route to chaos of  the boost converters, research of prediction a pitchfork-bifurcation in boost converter, application of fuel-cells in area of uninterruptible power supply.

Researcher on project :

- Chaotical behaviour of electric circuits", project leader Prof. PhD. I. Flegar

- Quality and reliability of the working EES Croatia in the regional market of the electric energy", project leader Prof. PhD. S. Nikolovski

Project coordinator in REGPHOSYS- IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme Hungary – Croatia project: Photovoltaic Systems as Actuators of Regional Development. 2013-2014

RuRES - Interreg Cross-border Co-operation Programme Hungary – Croatia project: Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the function of rural development  2017-2018

RESCUE - Interreg IPA III Cross-border Co-operation Programme Croatia - Serbia project:  Renewable Energy Sources for smart sustainable health Centers, University Education and other public buildings, 2019-2021

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